We're lucky enough to partner up with some of the best and brightest content creators & vendors in the world of keyboards. Find a list of them below and if you're friendly enough to them, you may find yourself a discount or two...

  • clacklabs - Content creator and manic switch reviewer!
  • Ascend Keyboards - Grab yourself one of the best starter keyboards, tuned by hand in the UK! Use discount code KeebCats at checkout for 5% off!
  • sj_does_things - One of our favourite content creators that hangs in our Discord server, catch his weekly stream when you can!
  • WilsonKeebs - Build & lube extraordinaire, catch Wilson's stream on Twitch when you can!
  • ThereminGoat - Chemical Engineer by day, switch collector by night. Don't miss out on some of the most thorough switch reviews out there!
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