July update

In the last update, we mentioned our 1,000th order, we’re now happy to announce that we’ve smashed past 3,000 orders and that’s all thanks to you beautiful people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We only hope to continue to provide an excellent service to all of you.


On Friday, KeebCats has officially become a VAT Registered company 🎉🎉🎉

What this means for you

If you're in the UK, the only thing you'll notice being different is cheaper shipping! We can offset some of the pricing and return that onto you fine folks.

International customers will see only the excl. VAT price and are responsible for any import tax on their end; this will bring pricing way down for you international folks!


All orders have now shipped out and extras are listed on the site.

We’re planning to offer some more materials in our next GB so make sure you’re in our Discord server for announcements soon.


After a successful pre-order, TKC Tangerine switches should be arriving on the 14th of July! So, we’ll be getting your orders ready and shipping them out to you ASAP! There are some left in stock, don't miss out!


Our brand-spankin’ new Curved ESD Tweezers! (Gold star if you spot the packaging error 😉) Officially in stock now! 

Take your pick - TX coloured films now in stock! Available in a range of different colours and in sizes 0.125mm & 0.15mm.


We've also handed a rather special handful of new products in our Coming Soon page. There are some rather special switches and finally... STABS!


We’re feline excited...

Our KeebCats-branded Stem Holders & switch openers are officially on their way! Date TBC

Our KeebCats Brushes are also on their way and should be arriving on the 14th of July. We’ve hand-picked brushes that we think are perfect for anything lubey and we can’t wait for you all to get your hands on them!

We’re getting low on our stock of Salmon and Husky switches, so grab them while you still can!


That would be me, the person writing this, Hayley. I’m drunken_sailor’s sister. I’m the one that picks and packs your orders, writes the thank you notes, and sends them off to you. I am a woman of many hats. I write, draw, craft, and have about 24,643  different interests/hobbies.

I am extremely grateful to my brother and to James for this opportunity and I’m genuinely happy to see KeebCats growing so successfully in such a short period of time. This positive KeebCats community that you are all a part of, blows my mind. It’s beautiful.


We’re going to trial a lube service; we have a couple of Discord members who have claimed the status of guinea pigs but keep an eye out for this to be officially released!


Our second giveaway winner was selected via Discord! Our every wonderful Cupar claimed the victory.

If you want to be a part of the giveaway, join our Discord and get chatting!


Interest Checks

  • Ultimate ISO by the one and only Pat - We’re just finalising files for 1st prototypes, more info soon.
  • Nazare 1-60 - 2nd prototypes ordered and we have one on the way to us! Expect to see this dream board doing the rounds of streamers and content creators soon
  • ePBT Basin - We’re confirmed as the UK vendor, IC still progressing.
  • TTC Strawberry Milk - Will now be manufactured by JWK, awaiting info from designers.
  • JLabs Frost Pandas - More prototypes ordered with improvements in tolerances and leaf design.


  • Angel GB - Cases now in manufacturing and PCB order about to be placed. Shipping ETA: Q4 2021
  • KeebCats’ Denis and Dougal PCBs - r2 protos checked and we’re good to go, order will be placed with the manufacturer in the next week or two.


  • Q1 CF and FR4 plate GB - all shipped and extras listed


Our Discord server is ever-growing and as such we want to come up with new ways to keep the community engaged, informed and given access to exclusive discounts, and giveaways.

That’s it for this month, cool cats. If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, you can reach out to us on Discord or follow us on Instagram for updates!

Stay well, and spread the word.

Meow for now,

KeebCats 🐾