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Bakeneko65 Extra Accessories

Bakeneko65 Extra Accessories

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Quality Notice

As per the CannonKeys Quality Disclaimer:

"In order to allow us a quicker cadence of restocks and keep the price low, our Bakeneko60/Bakeneko65 uses a casting process. Please reference the quality guide below on what you can expect for surface finish quality with the Bakeneko60/Bakeneko65.

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios."

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Upgrade Your Bakeneko65 Experience

Elevate your CannonKeys Bakeneko65 Keyboard Kit with our exceptional Bakeneko65 Extra Accessories. These top-notch components are meticulously designed to enhance your keyboard's performance, aesthetics, and versatility, offering you a customised typing experience.

Wide Selection of Accessories

Explore a comprehensive range of Bakeneko65 Extra Accessories, including Daughterboard + JST Cable, Solderable PCB (ANSI + ISO), Hotswap PCB (ISO), 50A O-Ring, 70A O-Ring, Hotswap PCB (ANSI), FR4 Plate (ANSI), KeebCats Denis FR4 Plate (ANSI + ISO) in Black or White with gold trim. Mix and match to suit your individual preferences and requirements.

Unwavering Quality and Compatibility

Our Bakeneko65 Extra Accessories are made from premium materials, ensuring lasting durability and performance. In addition, each component is expertly crafted to integrate seamlessly with your Bakeneko65 Keyboard Kit, providing an unmatched level of customisation while upholding the keyboard's high-quality standards.

Shipping & Returns

Group Buy/Pre-order products will be Quality Controlled when they arrive with us. Please allow up to two weeks for this to complete.

The Shipping ETA is likely to vary; we will update you if we receive updates.

Please note that the final product may vary from any product pictures, and this is outside of our control.

Group Buy & Pre-Order orders specifically cannot be returned or refunded.

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Bakeneko65 Extra Accessories

Sound test here!

The CannonKeys version of the Bakeneko65 features a few key changes from kkatano's original design: they closed the bottom holes, added cutouts to the plate (to allow for assembly removal), and modified the case to be made using a casting process. They also designed their own PCBs (hotswap & solder) with multiple layout support.

Just add keycaps and switches for a complete build! The CannonKeys Build Guide will help you build this kit from start to finish.

  • Next-Gen (NG)

    New consistent finish with texture! Don't lick it, though. I know you want to.

  • Flash

    Second version of the Next-Gen finish, with glitter added for a whimsical sparkle effect.

  • Pearl

    Third version of the Next-Gen finish, utilising a multi-coat technique to apply a smooth pearlescent clear coat over the base color. Damn, that's hot.