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Dan's Charity Raffle - Ticket

Dan's Charity Raffle - Ticket

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Huge thanks to MechMods, NoseySG, Rhys, Glarses, and Kinetic Labs for donating gifts & raising awareness for this giveaway.

We miss you, Dan.

A word from Dan's parents

Dan loved his computing, it was one of his strengths, and he built himself and kept upgrading many times, including his computer and keyboards. The community and friendship he found through Discords groups were fantastic and gave him so much involvement and pleasure when dealing with massive challenges. So thanks to everyone who was involved with that. Of course, we miss him more than I can put into words and always will, but it’s great that something positive is being done with the keyboard parts.

Do you want to be entered into the raffle? Selecting no means your donation will still go to charity!

Raffle refund policy

No refunds will be available due to the nature of the raffle. All proceeds raised (excluding shipping & Shopify fees) will be donated to Bone Cancer Research Trust in memory of Dan.

Shipping disclaimer

By entering the raffle, you agree to pay shipping charges for your prize after the raffle; you will be sent a payment link via email. If you do not pay the shipping fee 48 hours after receiving your payment email, we will choose a different winner.

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Dan's Charity Raffle

Raffle info

Raffle rules

The Charity Raffle prizes will be presented on a tiered basis. This means tiers of prizes will be unlocked after certain amounts of money have been raised! All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to charity.

You can purchase as many tickets as you like; each ticket will give you a chance to win the prizes below!


Charity Raffle Prizes

The Charity Raffle prizes will be based on a tiered basis. This means tiers of prizes will be unlocked after a certain amount of money has been raised!

You can purchase as many tickets as you like, each ticket will give you a chance to win the following prizes:

Base Prizes

  • 1x TX Stabilisers WK
  • 1x TX Stabilisers WKL
  • 1x Durock Screw-in stabilisers
  • 1x White mini Lubing Station
  • 1x Akko x Gateron Pinks with Milky Top x 70
  • 1x 6.25u Set of Morgrie Stabilizers
  • 10x KeebCats Switch Tester Kits (Includes Random Bulk Switches)
  • 1x Gateron Yellows x 100

£200 Tier

  • 2x Osume Deskt Mats Dusk
  • 1x Frankenswitches H1 x Lavenders + Bonus Switch Boxes
  • 1x Kinetic Labs Salmon Switches x 125
  • Dan's Accessories: Deskeys and other switch films, Equalz Cream Stab Housings, Cherry Springs, KeebCats Small Lube Station, 3D Printed Switch Tester

£350 Tier

  • 1x Kinetic Labs Whale Keycaps
  • 1x Kinetic Labs Octopus Keycaps
  • 1x Ducky Shine 6

£500 Tier

  • 1x DYSK Lumberjack Keycaps & Deskmat
  • Dan's Lube Set: TriboSys 3204, Krytox 205g0, 2x XHT-BDZ, Vertrel 30ml, 105 oil, Switch opener, and more
  • 1x Logitech 512
  • Dan's CU7: Includes, Kailh Box black switches, Tescee Diamond Linears, Kinetic Labs Hippos & Konpeitous - Tangerines and Alpacas

£600 Tier

  • 1x GMMK Pro Keyboard

£800 Tier

  • 1x Dan's Planck Keyboard + SA Dreameater Kit + Novelkeys Blueberries + Polar Panda Switches

£1100 Tier

  • 1x Dan's Unbuilt V4N4GON Rev 3.0: Silver Alu Case and Plate Kit

£1400 Tier

  • 1x Angel 65% Unbuilt: Case, Soldered + Hotswap PCBs and 2x Plates\

£3000 Tier

  • Super secret prize…

Note from KeebCats

Dan was one of our first community members, loved by all in the community. More importantly, he was funny, sweet and, despite the health issues which plagued him (which he kept hidden amazingly well), always willing to hear you out and offer advice. Hearing the news that Dan had passed hit us all quite hard, and we are holding this raffle to raise money for a charity chosen by his parents to keep his spirit alive.