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Sperno59 Keyboard kit

Sperno59 Keyboard kit

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I don’t use right shift, I do use arrows. So why don’t replace the right shift with arrows?
This way, we can keep the "60%" format with less compromise. (unless you use the right shift, of course).
Sperno means to despise/remove/reject etc. in this case, the right shift is the object... Also, it sounds funny.
We have made 2 versions, one with an aluminium bottom and another with a brass bottom.
The brass bottom is heavier and sounds better than the aluminium without foam.
With the alu bottom, you depend more on the provided foam to prevent sound from bouncing inside the case.

Alex & Biscuit - Sperno59 Designers

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Dimensions: 306.75mm (length), 118mm (width), 19.25mm (front height)
Chassis Option 1: Full-CNC Aluminum (Anodized)
Chassis Option 2: Aluminum (Anodized) Upper Chassis & Brass Lower
Case Colors: Slate Blue, Vibrant Red, Basic Black, & Shining Silver
Plate Material: PC, FR4, or Aluminum (Anodized Black)
Typing Angle: 6 degrees
Mounting style: Gaskets
Alum + Brass Kit (No Keycaps or Switches): Approx. 2.25 kg
Aluminum Kit (No Keycaps or Switches): Approx. 1.2kg

Kit contents

Item Quantity
Aluminium Top Case
Aluminium/Brass Bottom Case 1
Aluminium Plate 1
Hotswap/Solder PCB 1
Gasket Boots 16
Bumpon Feet 4
Screws 8
Carrying Case 1
Case material
Case colour

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Sperno59 Keyboard kit